Looking for a Power Washing Company in Holland, Oregon or Sylvania, OH?

We pressure wash bulldozers, loaders and other heavy machinery

Maybe the "wash me" note on your truck was supposed to be a joke, but it's got you thinking seriously about finding a power washing company to remove the dirt and grime. You can count on Hydro-Kleen of NW Ohio to do the job right.

We're a heavy equipment pressure washing company based in Holland, OH. We serve clients throughout northwestern Ohio and southeastern Michigan. Call 419-865-5220 today to schedule power washing services for your construction equipment or semi-truck fleet.

5 signs it's time to power wash your heavy equipment

5 signs it's time to power wash your heavy equipment

A power washing company in Holland, Oregon, Sylvania, OH and surrounding areas can help you keep your trucks, bulldozers, loaders or excavators running smoothly. We'll pressure wash your heavy machinery with hot water to remove grease, mud, and dirt effectively. Call Hydro-Kleen of NW Ohio if:

  1. You're required to pressure wash your construction equipment before arriving at a new job site.
  2. You want to inspect your machines for potential problems.
  3. Grease or mud is building up on critical moving parts.
  4. You want to schedule regular power washing services.
  5. You want your fleet of trucks to look brand new.

Contact us today for a free estimate on heavy equipment power washing services.