Make Your Business Stand Out in Holland, Oregon or Sylvania, OH

See how commercial pressure washing can make your building shine

The appearance of your building could be hurting your business. If your storefront looks worn and dingy, customers are less likely to stop and request service. Get a clean and approachable business with commercial pressure washing services from Hydro-Kleen of NW Ohio. You'll be met with experienced pressure washing specialists who can restore the look of your building safely and effectively.

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Does your business need a deep clean?

Does your business need a deep clean?

Commercial pressure washing offers a handful of benefits for your property. Not only does pressure washing create a clean storefront that's more appealing to customers, but it also:

Prevents excessive property maintenance
Loose dirt and debris can affect the integrity of your home. Clearing away debris will prevent damage to your roof, siding and deck.

Uncovers damage that needs to be repaired
Removing caked on grime and bacteria will reveal any damage to your siding or fascia, allowing you to get any necessary repairs done.

Offers a healthier work environment
Wind and rain help bacteria, mold and other allergens stick to your building. Blasting away these contaminants will benefit your employees' health.

Hydro-Kleen of NW Ohio takes extra precautions to not disrupt your landscape. We ensure proper water runoff so cleaning treatments don't ruin your grass or flowers. Reach out to us in Holland, Oregon or Sylvania, OH to schedule same-day commercial power washing services.